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Deer Park Water Source Information

That’s Good Water!®

“That’s Good Water!®” epitomizes what consumers have grown to expect from Deer Park® Brand Natural Spring Water. The pure natural taste of Deer Park comes in a variety of convenient sized bottles specifically designed to complement your lifestyle and activities. Deer Park is committed to quenching your thirst.


Since 1873, Deer Park® Brand Natural Spring Water has had its roots in the wilderness that defined America’s first frontier. Following the Civil War, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad created a vacation resort high in the Appalachian Mountains of western Maryland. Though the Deer Park Hotel and its spa were originally created to attract passengers to ride the railroad, the spring water near the site also became a major attraction. Among the many discriminating, health-conscious tourists who regularly made the journey to enjoy the benefits of the legendary spring water were four American Presidents, from James Garfield to William Taft.


Known locally as the “Boiling Spring,” the source of Deer Park’s water derived its name from the action of the water bubbling up through white sand on its way to the surface. The B&O Railroad quickly recognized the value of the spring as a source for clean, refreshing drinking water and began bottling it in 1873 to quench the thirst of its passengers.


In 1966 the Boiling Spring Holding Corporation purchased the spring and its surrounding woodlands from the B&O. This company bottled the spring water primarily for the metropolitan New York market, and formed the basis for the company, which was incorporated as Deer Park Spring Water, Inc.

Sources of Water*

Deer Park, one of the oldest and best-known brands of natural spring water in North America, was originally founded on a natural spring located approximately 3,000 feet above sea level in the Appalachian Mountains, just outside the small town of Deer Park, Maryland. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of secluded woodlands, this original source continues to provide water with a delicious fresh taste, as the water flows naturally to the earth’s surface. Due to the tremendous popularity of the brand, we have carefully selected additional spring sources in many other areas that will continue to deliver the great taste of Deer Park® Brand Natural Spring Water for many years to come.


We continue to review our current sources and occasionally seek new sources that meet our natural spring water requirements and standards.


Spring water sources: Frontier Springs located in New Tripoli, PA; Bangor, PA, Stroudsburg, PA; Hegins, PA, South Coventry, PA; Pine Grove, PA and/or Oakland, MD; Spring of Life, Lake County, FL and/or Crystal Springs, Pasco County, FL; White Springs, Liberty County, FL and/or Blue Springs, Madison County, FL; Glenwood Spring, St. Albans, ME; Sweetwater Falls, Hohenwald, TN.


Distilled water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


Drinking water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


(* as of January, 2011)

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At Nestlé Waters North America, we’ve been working hard to decrease our carbon footprint and we’re making great progress. We’re leading the beverage industry in reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles.Our 500ml Eco Shape® bottle contains 60% less plastic than our original Pre-Eco-Shape® 500ml bottle. 
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